I recently came across Daniel Seita’s blog. Short story. I loved the idea of noting down my life in the form of blog posts. Today being New Year’s eve, let me make some resolutions that I hope to keep till the end of the next year. Or let’s be real and try to keep these resolutions till the end of Jan. I will think of keeping the resolutions for a year after that!

So let us first start with my introduction, right?

I am a twenty-one-year-old boy currently in his last year of undergraduate studies. I am now a student at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar. I guess there is no right time to start blogging? Umm, I feel I am late to the party, but let’s get started. I think जब जागो तब सवेरा or in other words, it’s never too late to start.

My main aim in maintaining this blog is twofold. First, I would like to have my experiences help guide anyone who finds value in the coming posts. I hope to land a job in the industry within the next five years. Second, to help me keep track of the interesting moments from my life that my naive memory thinks can be forgotten. I hope these posts will help my memory take some load off its shoulders.

Coming back to the new year’s resolutions.

  • First, maintaining a blog, obviously.
  • Second, working towards optimizing for life, i.e., balancing health, relationships, work, and play.
  • Third, Widening my perspective through books, people, and travel.

For each of the above higher level resolutions, setting micro-goals that can be measured is important. Let me initially have a draft of these goals, such as below. I would update the draft in the coming posts, upon realizing the practicality of each of those micro-goals.

  • I should post at least every two months.
  • Follow a daily routine, which includes at least 1 hr of exercise, 7.5 hrs of sleep, and some work hours.
  • Playing will happen on weekends. I hope so.
  • Reading at least one book in a month.

Let’s hope these resolutions will see day’s light on the 1st of Feb. 2020. Hoping for a lasting blog!

- A.A.