Have you ever wondered what you wanted to do in life? I often find myself going down a rabbit hole whenever I think about it. Often, I end up finalizing on anything where I can improve someone’s life; at Wadhwani Institute of Artificial Intelligence, I will.

Who/What is Wadhwani AI? It’s a non-profit research lab based in India, working on social good using AI; solving problems such as: reducing child mortality by improving the screening for low-birth-weight babies; improving Tuberculosis care by improving case estimations and better prioritization of patients; and easing the ability to manage pests in cotton farms by providing pesticide dose recommendations to farmers.

Today’s post is on my new role as a Research Fellow at Wadhwani AI, joining remotely on the 1st of June. I am unaware of the project I will work on, but I am pretty excited about it; it might be a new project altogether!

Research Fellows contribute to all the stages of a project; it varies from understanding the problem to ideating to building the solutions. In doing so, they perfect the art to develop solutions by working closely with all the stakeholders involved—be it customers, partners, technical teams, program managers, researchers, or designers.

I am blessed to have got the opportunity to be a Research Fellow at Wadhwani AI. I believe I will be learning a lot from my stint at Wadhwani, also realizing my wish to help people.

During my undergrad studies, I started learning machine learning as a tool in solutions; I was inspired by the documentary on Deepmind’s AlphaGo—a computer program that beat the world champion of Go in 2016. I believe that artificial intelligence is the tool of the era, and if we can train a computer to beat the world champion, we can train it to help us make better decisions.

At Wadhwani AI, I will be contributing my share to our moonshot of helping millions of neglected people.


Consider applying at Wadhwani AI’s career page to join us in our aim to do good using artificial intelligence.

Until next time. :)